100 Years Great Cinema

100 Years Great Cinema

Guide to a selected film library with 250 treasures of film history from 1930 until today in 18 different categories

Gerrard D. Schuster

Sachbücher & Ratgeber


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ISBN-13: 9783740741495


Erscheinungsdatum: 08.05.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Read quickly, but indispensable in its entirety, this little book is full of film recommendations, sorted and listed in categories that fit just about any mood - humor, love-stories, thrillers, epic or erotic films, Western movies, couple murder-plots adult fairy tales or road movies, to name just a few.
The author refrains from giving content-descriptions, as these are readily available in the internet. Instead, he offers a selection of timeless classics that he has ranked - as it's done in hotels - by the number of stars. It's the result of hundreds of visits to movie-houses, and evaluating over one thousand DVDs over 20 years.
The selection has been made not for professional film critics, but for you, the quality-minded viewer, tires of mass-produced streaming offerings. If you enjoy films that were produced by the greatest directors of the 20th century, you are right on track with this film guide, a first of its kind.
Gerrard D. Schuster

Gerrard D. Schuster

Gerrard Dietrich Schuster was born in 1937 in Danzig (Gdansk in Poland), where his father lost his factory after WW II. After surviving by a hair's breadth the sinking of the "Wilhelm Gustloff", the worst ship-disaster in maritime history (9.000 drowned), the family emigrated to Canada in 1949.
The author gained his first writing experience as Editor of the High School yearbook. Not satisfied with "the crumbs" left by sports heroes at both Highschool and college. At age 24 he returned to Europe (though not without surviving a flip over car-accident as passenger in a friend's car), there finding the love of his life. After a career with U.S. firms in France and Belgium, the now trilingual couple chose the high-risk option of starting their own import/export business in the sanitary industry, based first in Oldenburg, later in Berlin, where their children began their careers.
With Paris the best market for their Designer-products and a successor fluent in French just not materializing, the couple closed Benesan GmbH in 2019, and the author began a second career in writing.
Planned for publication in 2022: "How a Global Player from India evolved into my Butler" - Bizarre encounters during 60 foreign business trips.

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